Name: Twan Bakker
Nicknames: Twixy / T-Son
Date of Birth: 20-03-1978
Residence: Roermond, the Netherlands

I grew up in Limburg (NL), I studied percussion with Jo Zinzen (Kreato) and entered several (solo)competitions and won 6 national championships. I played with several local orchestra's, choirs and percussion groups; f.i. harmonie Amicitia - Roggel, schutterij st. Paulus - Roggel, harmonie De Drie Hoorns - Horn, harmonie Crescendo - Beegden, harmonie de vriendenkrans - Heel, harmonie st. Joseph - Nederweert, fanfare st. Josef - Beringe etc.
I graduated highschool (VWO) in 1997.

I continued my studies in Eindhoven at the Fontys University. After having completed two traineeships (in Maastricht and Eindhoven), I graduated my Marketing Management studies in 2001. In the meantime I was realising that the classical music was not of my best interest, so I gradually focussed more and more upon the growing metal band called Dreadlock Pussy, with whom I played shows such as Lowlands, Pinkpop, Noorderslag, Ozzfest and as support for (hed)PE, Rammstein, Disturbed, Machinehead etc. And recorded several albums and singles.

Besides the six years I spent being the drummer of 'Dreadlock Pussy', I worked on my own musical ideas under the name of 'RVProject' which I gave life at my own small home recording studio. After I left dp for personal reasons, I joined the Industrial Metal band called 'Sons of the Rain' as their drummer/sampler. June 27th 2006 we had to say goodbye to our bassplayer and along with him, SOTR closed her eyes.

The next half year I filled my time as soundtech for an allround (cover)band. And being the editor in chief for 3VOOR12/Limburg ( February 2007 we decided to regroup the pre-SOTR project 'Zone 62'. After a few weeks I met the guys of the atmospheric rockband 'GentleNova'. We worked on old and new tracks and recorded parts of a new album, when our vocalist chose to go his own way.

September 2008 I was asked to join the prog-metal band 'Nem-Q' and found that my personal development could flourish here.

The following years I dabbled around with several musicians and bands; Circus Mayhem, Godscum, Les Neufties, Charlie Has A Name, Before The Drop. Until I got the chance in 2018 to join the infamous Eric Clayton (Saviour Machine) and his live band 'Eric Clayton And The Nine' for a European tour and recording drums and percussion for the Eric Clayton solo album.

...and this is where I'm at now.

RVProject was formed as a plan to exploit the overdose of ideas that got stuck somehow. RVP stands for any emotion you might have at a certain time of thoughts running through your head. The music is as moody as the creator and as layered as the thinker. Based on the turning point of just one world. This one world revolves around experimenting with sounds, compositions and possibilities... Based in Roermond, RVProject is being given form by Twan B; Born, raised and educated in the south of the Netherlands.

The first RVP-release was the song "The Cave Leads" on the DG-sampler 'Van Duytschen Bloet'. The album was released in 2003 as a limited edition. The featured RVP-track deals with with the paradox I came across, between trust and regret; Pass the power to leave, Save the flare to lead.